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Introducing the QUICK DRAFT

Pour your pint in less than 2 seconds with complete control over the pour and foam!

Using this compensated tap, you can fill a pint glass of beer in seconds. It is MUCH faster than a traditional tap and the oversized, stainless steel compensator allows you to pour the perfect pine in record time! Perfect for busy stadiums, bars, and the avid home user than wants the best beer faucet money can buy.

  • Fastest beer faucet on the market
  • Compensator has normal lever adjustment and 3 different flow settings for complete control over flow rates depending on inlet size used
  • Faucet can be used with a 10mm inlet or 15mm inlet (inside diameter of hose). Need to provide any restriction to beer entering the faucet; the compensator gives you complete control of restriction rates
  • Complete faucet system – Includes a shank with built in compensator; a 10mm spout and inlet bar, and 15mm spout and inlet barb. Cleaning adapters also included. Comes in hard case that holds faucet/shank and fittings
  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel, extremely heavy duty for a life time of service

Standard Faucet Pour




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